Special production

Nuova S.TE.I.M. is a company specialized in the designing, production and assembling of industrial carpentry parts. It is able to provide a full plant or single elements. Thanks to the versatility of its production plant and the engineering and technical expertise of its staff, Nuova S.TE.I.M. offers solutions able to meet any kind of need, granting accuracy and rapidity in the fulfillment of the orders. Nuova S.TE.I.M. handles all the processes involved in the making of a plant or of a single element, from the request until the after sales assistance. It continually helps the customers, being available for periodical controls and also for ordinary and special maintenance interventions.

Below are listed Nuova S.TE.I.M.’s realizations in the field of carpentry and industrial plants:

Designing and fabrication of boilers

Nuova S.TE.I.M. realizes, delivers and installs boilers designed and fabricated according to PED directives. They are suitable for the chemical, metallurgical, steel and engineering industries. Nuova S.TE.I.M. deals with the designing, fabrication, delivering and potential assembling of the boiler at the production site.

Designing and fabrication of machineries

Nuova S.TE.I.M. is a company specialized in the production and supplying of special machineries, automatic machineries, production lines and turnkey industrial plants, prototypes and newly-designed machineries, plants for different kind of industries, like chemical, textile, metallurgical and  the one of renewable energies.
The main areas of activity of Nuova S.TE.I.M. are: the designing of the machineries (from the idea to its realization), their transport and assembling, after sales assistance. It offers a full range of services so that the customer can deal with only one supplier, one with a proven technical and engineering expertise. The after sales assistance involves periodical controls, precautionary and special interventions, the maintenance of the machineries and of the plants.

Designing and fabrication of steel structural components

Nuova S.TE.I.M. has been working in the industrial plant field for over than forty years showing a great professionalism and expertise. Our company deals with the designing, fabrication and assembling of production lines, machineries and skids.
Nuova S.TE.I.M. also designs, fabricates and assembles metal carpentry, claddings for industrial buildings, pipes and machining. Our company offers a full range of services which involve the designing, the production, the transport and the assembling on the site. We meet the need of the customers with efficacy and efficiency. Accuracy and reliability in all the processes are always been our trademarks. In our work we firmly follow these principles: safety, maximum quality of the products and short delivery time.