Renewable energies

Today the alternative renewable energies are one of the most important levers for a sustainable progress. Investing in renewable energies means investing in the future of the human being and of the environment where he lives.

For several years, Nuova S.TE.I.M. has made its experience and know how available to the research, the experimentation and developing of projects in the field of alternative renewable energies. In particular it has focused on concentrated solar systems: they use the high-temperature heat of the sun to produce energy with renewable cycles marked by no emissions of greenhouse gases and affordable costs. The energy produced by these systems can be used in the industrial process or for the production of electric energy, bringing a considerable reduction of fuel consumption and of pollutant emissions.

In 2003 Nuova S.TE.I.M. assembled an experimental concentrated solar plant at the Enea in Casaccia. Since then it carries out interventions for the replacement of pipes and receptacles, mirrors and handling systems. One of our main goal is to invest and to increase our activity in the field of alternative renewable energies.